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Navigating New Horizons: Insights from MARKT-PILOT's Head of Italy

Meet Enrico, our Head of Italy! He enjoys helping our clients achieve their goals and is working to expand our team in Italy.

Unlocking Nordic Markets: A Conversation with MARKT-PILOT's Head of Nordics, Andris Mikulis

Meet Andris, our Head of Nordics! He enjoys having the chance to leave a mark in this region by leveraging existing & building new business...

Unleashing Growth and Success: Meet Melanie, Vice President Sales Europe at MARKT-PILOT

Meet Melanie, our Vice President Sales for Europe! Her passion for sales and her exceptional track record make her the perfect fit for this role.

The Power of In-Person Collaboration for a Global Marketing Team

We recently provided our US Content Marketing Manager, Claire Brixie, with the opportunity to visit our headquarters in Esslingen, Germany for 6...

Every day brings a new challenge - it never gets boring!

Meet Thilo, our new Sales Rockstar. He is passionate about innovative Technologies, the start-up culture and Sales. A Perfect Match!

Working at MARKT-PILOT means staying connected

Meet Angela, she is working as Talent Acquisition Manger and this year she took her frist trip to Europe and visited our Headquarters in Germany.

I love working in a global team

Meet Claire our first Content Marketing Specialist in the US. Working in a Start-up gives her the opportunity to have a say, be heard and kickstart...

Summer Vibes - Celebrating the first half of 2023

We celebrate the milestones we've reached, our shared success, our amazing crew and the continued growth of MARKT-PILOT - Let's keep rocking!

Gain exceptional experience like no other - Account Executive Jaryd

Meet our first employee in the US, Jaryd. He loves working for a Tech Scale-up because everyday you have the chance to grow an learn something new.

MARKT-PILOT has your back!    - Head of Customer Success Stefan

We asked our long-time #piloteer Stefan why he joined MARKT-PILOT and what the role as Head of Customer Success entails for him.

Reach for the stars - Senior Account Executive Michael

Meet piloteer Michael Falk who knows that by working as a team we can face every challenge. You simply must never stop reaching for the stars.

Welcome back, Silas

Meet #piloteer Silas Bohr, not only a new joiner, but also a "re-joiner". As Growth Manager, he will continue to push our strong growth and we are...

When there's a will there's a way -  Meet Software Engineer Olivera

Meet #piloteer Olivera Perunkovska, who's part of our software development team and always up for a new challenge.

Think big and be bold - our first marketing employee

Meet #piloteer Theresa Heiss, not only our first employee in marketing, but also our earliest early bird.

Deep Dive into Machine Manufacturing: MARKT-PILOT Management interning at OPTIMA

MARKT-PILOT managers meet machine manufacturing experts in a somewhat different exchange: we sent part of our management to intern at customer...

Julian's grandpa helped him to get his dream job as software engineer

Meet #piloteer Julian Zeller, a talented Backend Engineer in our fast growing start-up.

From Founders Associate to Head of North America

Meet #piloteer Tim Geyer, who took off on an amazing career journey in our fast-growing start-up.