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Meet Angela, she is working as Talent Acquisition Manger and this year she took her frist trip to Europe and visited our Headquarters in Germany.

Angela is the Talent Acquistion Manager in our office in Chicago and during her week in our headquarters in Esslingen she learned a lot about the initial founding of MARKT-PILOT, the German culture, and enjoyed typical German (Swabian) dishes, like “Maultaschen” 😋

Let's hear all abou her trip to Germany: 

Since June 2022, I have been a part of the MARKT-PILOT team in Chicago as a Talent Acquisition Manager, and I am very excited that I had the opportunity to personally get to know the team in Germany and understand how our crew has been shaped into what it is today. We have grown rapidly, and in the last 3 years, we have built a unique team of more than 80 piloteers in 3 different countries who collaborate and share the same vision of bringing transparency to parts pricing for machine manufacturers. I wanted to see where it all began, so I packed my bags and flew across the Atlantic to our headquarters in Esslingen. It was also my very first trip to Europe, and just before the flight, I was anxious but also filled with anticipation and curiosity. 

Upon arriving in Germany, I spent the first few days in Munich and made a short detour to the Austrian Alps before arriving in Esslingen. The beautiful streets and charming historical architecture immediately captivated me, and when I discovered the MARKT-PILOT logo in the old town, I couldn't wait to meet my colleagues in person.  

I was warmly welcomed by everyone and immediately engaged in conversations. It was great to see new faces and exchange ideas with team members with whom I had little or no contact before. Tasting “Maultaschen” with potato salad or the famous Falafel Sushi in Esslingen, participating in a paintball game with the BD team, and attending MARKT-PILOT's legendary third-anniversary party were perfect opportunities to build real connections and get to know each other better. 

It's great to see the passion with which everyone works in their respective positions and to recap how far we've come in the last 3.5 years. All our "piloteers" with their uniqueness and individual talents contribute to the MARKT-PILOT crew! It's truly inspiring to experience how, despite the distance, cultural differences, languages, and time zones, we share a common vision that we directly shape and influence through everything we do in our daily work. 

Esslingen is a fascinating medieval city with centuries-old architecture and the oldest half-timbered houses in Germany. In just one week, I learned more about the city, typical German dishes, and the culture than I could have ever hoped for. And this culture simultaneously shapes our company's history and team spirit at MARKT-PILOT. 

As the trip came to an end, I had mixed emotions. I would have loved to stay longer but also looked forward to reuniting with the team in Chicago. The trip encouraged me to stay even more connected with my colleagues, and we introduced Coffee Chats for regular exchanges, which also better integrated all our remote team members. 

The journey showed me the power of personal connections and cultural appreciation in building an international team. It also strengthened my commitment as a Talent Acquisition Manager to a diverse and inclusive crew. 

I am already looking forward to seeing the team continue to grow, and of course can't wait for my next visit to Germany! 


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