Navigating New Horizons: Insights from MARKT-PILOT's Head of Italy

Meet Enrico, our Head of Italy! He enjoys helping our clients achieve their goals and is working to expand our team in Italy.

In our exclusive interview with Enrico Berardone, Head of Italy at MARKT-PILOT, we explore the journey that led him to join MARKT-PILOT and explore his insights into the thriving Nordic market.


How did you first hear about MARKT-PILOT, and what convinced you to join? 

I had heard about MP in one of my former jobs and really liked the idea. Over time, the solution proved to keep its promises which is fascinating, especially considering the high returns on investment our solution provides. This strong value proposition, paired with the interesting opportunity to open an office in a new country where my skills are a great fit made it impossible for me to say no to this interesting opportunity of joining MP. 


What do you enjoy most about your role as Head of Italy? 

What I enjoy most is versatility. In my role, I am building up a new company in a new country.

Being able to constantly draw on my experience in the German home market, while at the same time adapting everything to local characteristics is exciting. This, combined with the constant opportunity to learn and the excitement of doing this in my quasi-home country, is very fulfilling. 


How would you describe the MARKT-PILOT crew in 3 words? 

Dynamic - Ambitious - Trustworthy


What is one thing you are very passionate about? 

I love helping clients achieve their goals. With every collaboration, I'm probably just as excited as the client to see how much potential we can find and how we can realize it together to help my contact persons achieve their goals and have remarkable success. 


Why should someone join your team and which key qualifications are important? 

Certainly, it's fantastic that the climate here is consistently better than where our colleagues collaborate in Germany, Sweden, and the US. But joking aside, we're currently assembling a new team with an exceptionally robust solution. The results we're achieving with our service are truly remarkable, and the team is still in the early stages of formation. This means that each team member holds significant sway over our development and can contribute to cultivating a successful company with an exceptional culture 


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