Automated, market-based pricing for your spare parts

Our AI-based pricing tool PRICEGUIDE enables you to realize market-based parts pricing with automated, customized, and validated price suggestions, based on PRICERADAR's market research. Gain more revenue and margins from the first price adjustments.

PRICEGUIDE Automated and Market-Based Pricing for Your Spare Parts
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PRICEGUIDE: Informed and validated pricing decisions driven by data

PRICEGUIDE revolutionizes parts pricing for machine manufacturers. The software offers validated price suggestions backed by PRICERADAR's market research, saves time with customizable criteria, and allows precise pricing simulations for increased revenue, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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Automated Pricing Logic

You're in control. Define your own value drivers and implement your pricing rules.

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More Revenue

Our software enables you to  increase 17% in spare parts sales on average and ensures sustainable maximum potential exploitation.

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Higher Customer Satisfaction

Both customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased in the long run. By adjusting prices to the market, you regain customers and product groups.

PRICEGUIDE - Your pricing software for automated market-based pricing

Get the optimal price for you based on current market prices at the touch of a button and simultaneously increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Our cutting-edge PRICEGUIDE software utilizes automated data evaluation to create pricing simulations and produce tailored pricing recommendations on your behalf for which spare parts you are underselling or selling too high on the market. PRICEGUIDE enables you to define and realize your optimal price effortlessly.

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Define Value Drivers

Define value drivers

The first step is to define the attributes or value drivers for the respective potentials - these then form the filter criteria. Examples of value drivers include market penetration, win rate, sales volume, or price range.

Evaluate Value Drivers and Define Influence

Evaluate value drivers and define influence

In the second step, evaluate your value drivers and define the relevance or influence on pricing. The points are added up in the background and the confidence levels are defined and classified (high and low confidence).

Execution & Set Confidence Level for Price Adjustment

Execution & set confidence level for price adjustment

In the third step, you determine the parameters and use them to set boundaries for the respective potentials - for example, on the basis of minimum or maximum values. In general, we determine confidence levels based on nine value drivers.

Settings and Simulation

Settings and simulation

In the last step, you refine your pricing strategy, adjusting it based on your final decision, such as adopting an aggressive or conservative approach. This opens up even greater opportunities for differentiation. 

Parts Overview

Article overview

The final table provides you with an overview of all newly defined spare part prices, you can define the new sales price and save the price rule for this product group.

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Frequently asked questions about our PRICEGUIDE software

Does the use of PRICEGUIDE require prior knowledge?

No, not at all! The PRICEGUIDE guides you through the entire pricing process for your spare parts. In addition, you can utilize the convenient presets developed by MARKT-PILOT to configure your pricing criteria in a time-saving manner.

Can individual sales simulations be created?

Absolutely. The PRICEGUIDE can be configured individually and offers you the possibility of weighing individual influencing factors or defining confidence levels independently.

How do the PRICEGUIDE confidence levels provide certainty in pricing?

PRICEGUIDE enables you to make well-established pricing decisions based on comprehensive market data. For this purpose, PRICEGUIDE determines an individual confidence level for each spare part. The confidence level serves as a measure of assurance that you can implement the new price proposal. The calculation of the confidence level is based on more than ten influencing factors, which in their entirety result in a value that is decisive for the respective confidence level of a spare part.

Can the PRICEGUIDE also be used without PRICERADAR?

No. The validated price proposals of PRICEGUIDE are based on the market price research of PRICERADAR. This ensures the highest level of quality and reliability in determining your new sales prices.


Our solution is based on years of experience in after sales and machine manufacturing. Let's connect today.

Fabio Wahl