Unlocking Nordic Markets: A Conversation with MARKT-PILOT's Head of Nordics, Andris Mikulis

Meet Andris, our Head of Nordics! He enjoys having the chance to leave a mark in this region by leveraging existing & building new business relationships

In our exclusive interview with Andris Mikulis, Head of Nordics at MARKT-PILOT, we explore the journey that led him to join MARKT-PILOT and explore his insights into the thriving Nordic market.


How did you first hear about MARKT-PILOT, and what convinced you to join? 

During 2022, I started to hear from existing clients and business partners about a real game-changer in their spare parts business - a service that is truly unique with a great team behind it. This turned out to be MP... I got curious and started to take a closer look myself. 

Talking to several people in the organization, I quickly realized that it would not only be a great fit on a personal level, but I bought into the idea of the company. Many people at MP - including our management - have a background in machine manufacturing with first-hand experience and an in-depth understanding of the problems we are solving for our clients. Being a young scale-up, this level of credibility is extremely valuable in the industries we are serving, and in my view a key differentiator.  

Therefore, I believe in the massive potential this company still holds. Seeing the difference we make to our clients' aftermarket business daily and receiving positive reactions from both previous and existing clients are great indicators that my decision to join feels right. 


What do you enjoy most about your role as Head of Nordics? 

I have been living in the Nordics for 8 years and am still impressed with the density of high-end, globally leading manufacturing companies in this region. 

People and organizations are open-minded, especially regarding innovation and collaboration with business partners in their ecosystems. These factors make this market very appealing to us. 

Getting the chance to leave a footprint in this region by leveraging existing and building new business relationships while being able to contribute to our fantastic growth journey is something that I find very motivating.  


How would you describe the MARKT-PILOT crew in 3 words? 

Humble - Ambitious- Fun


What is one thing you are very passionate about? 

Seeing the results of your and your team's work and how the invested effort is paying off.


Why should someone join your team and which key qualifications are important? 

We are one of the fastest-growing scale-ups in the B2B manufacturing space and offer something equally relevant and unique. The impact we have on our customers' business is tremendous and the spirit of this young company is fantastic. I would say MP is a great place for anyone who is willing to grow with us and is passionate about building meaningful and long-lasting B2B relationships. 

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