I love working in a global team

Meet Claire our first Content Marketing Specialist in the US. Working in a Start-up gives her the opportunity to have a say, be heard and kickstart her career.

Claire is our content rockstar, full of energy, and always writing to keep our target group updated and engaged via various channels. In October 2022 she started as Content Marketing Specialist in our Chicago office and loves working in global team together with her colleagues in Germany.


How did you first hear about MARKT-PILOT? 

I was looking for a new challenge and was interested in the opportunity to work for a start-up and stumbled across MARKT-PILOT! I could not be happier that I did.  


What do you do as a content marketing specialist?  

As a Content Marketing Specialist, I cover all things content. From blog posts to social media, to website copy, I am constantly writing. Overall, my goal is to leverage compelling content to build brand awareness, establish authority in our industry, nurture leads, and ultimately drive conversions and business growth. 🚀


What are your biggest learnings so far?

Since starting with MARKT-PILOT in October 2022 I have learned an insane amount. My journey thus far working in a start-up has taught me that adaptability is the key to success. It's not just about being flexible; it's about embracing change and learning from experiences. By staying open to new ides and willing to experiment, our team can navigate the complex marketing landscape with confidence and help MARKT-PILOT scale. 


What is it like working in a global marketing team?

Working in a global marketing team offers an extremely dynamic experience. Close collaboration with my colleagues from Germany brings in fresh perspectives and new ideas, fostering a very motivating and creative work environment. 💙  

We have regular virtual meetings, for example our weekly OKR Update or our Monday Check-in and to stay connected we also like to set-up coworking sessions. It's always our goal to ensure seamless information sharing and idea exchange, Regardless of the distance or different time zones. 

I think the awareness that we are working in a global team has led to us being even more considerate of each other, making the best use of our shared time frame and very much appreciating the contribution and strengths of each individual. We have each other's backs, stand up for one another and always try to set a good example when it comes to working together in an international team. This sense of teamwork and responsibility, coupled with the privilege of working on campaigns that can positively impact and change an entire industry, is extremely rewarding for me and always inspires me to do my best.


What's your favorite thing about working at a tech scale-up? 

One of the aspects I love most about working at a tech scale-up is the invaluable experience it offers, especially for someone like me who is still in the early stages of their career. The fast-paced and dynamic environment of a scale-up provides a unique learning opportunity that simply can't be replicated elsewhere. 

Being part of a smaller, tightly knit team allows me to wear multiple hats and take on responsibilities beyond my initial role. This exposure to various aspects of the business has tremendously accelerated my professional growth. It's a place where ideas are welcomed, and the contributions of each team member are highly valued. This not only boosts my confidence but also empowers me to voice my thoughts and make a real impact on the company's trajectory.


What do you enjoy most about your role? 

It is verty hard to pinpoint just one thing...  

I love that I have the opportunity to be involved in the strategizing and planning of campaigns and different marketing initiatives. For someone early in their career like me, it is not very common to be involved in this type of strategic stage and get to have such a voice in bigger decisions. 


How would you describe the team culture at MARKT-PILOT 

Our team culture is extremely collaborative, energetic, and motivating. Everyone has the common drive of pushing MARKT-PILOT forward and that dedication is shown daily in our office. Teamwork is extremely important and every individual on the MARKT-PILOT crew understands that and works with one another to make an impact and push the copmany's growth. 


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