Julian's grandpa helped him to get his dream job as software engineer

Meet #piloteer Julian Zeller, a talented Backend Engineer in our fast growing start-up.


Meet #piloteer Julian Zeller, one of our talented Backend Engineers. Julian was one of the very first software developers at MARKT-PILOT, has a background in Applied Mathematics and a great passion for problem-solving. We sat down with him and asked why he loves working at MARKT-PILOT and why he chose a career in software engineering:



How did your career journey at MARKT-PILOT start? 

That is kind of a funny story. I became aware of MARKT-PILOT through my grandfather. He lives next door to the brother of our founder, Tobi. They met by chance, talked about MARKT-PILOT and fortunately my grandpa directly thought of me and told him that I was very interested in a career as a software engineer. Only a few days later, I received a message from Tobi asking me if I wanted to work for MARKT-PILOT. We met for an interview and as they say: The rest is history 😉


What is unique about MARKT-PILOT? 

The people! The Software Development team is truly awesome, super talented and fun. Everyone is very helpful, and I feel like I am always learning from those around me. It’s a very encouraging and supportive environment to work in.

This extends to the rest of the crew as well. Projects in cooperation with other teams are always very inspiring and productive. There is a great sense of team spirit in the entire company.


Describe the team at MARKT-PILOT in three words:  

Talented, fun and helpful. 

Why did you choose to pursue software engineering as a career? 

I studied Simulation Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and Applied Mathematics at the Eindhoven University of Technology, so I'm not your typical software engineer. But when you study computer simulation and mathematics, you also learn a lot about coding, algorithms and problem solving in general. After my master's thesis, I needed a change and wanted to work in software development without having to read scientific papers for weeks beforehand to then write a single line of code. I found this hands-on mentality and the chance for growth at MARKT-PILOT. 🚀


What was the first line of code you wrote?   

My first line for MARKT-PILOT was for our WebCrawler but unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact line.


What are you working on currently? 

Right now, I am responsible for the backend API of our solution PRICE-RADAR, the WebApp our clients use to access and analyze their pricing data. I am also the Scrum Master for the Team that works on our internal Software Tools. I love the mix of working hands-on in software development to build the best possible solution for our clients and being a moderator in agile projects to support and strengthen the team.


Which of the MARKT-PILOT values is the most important to you?  

Show empathy! As I said, the team spirit makes MARKT-PILOT very special. Showing empathy and helping each other is a huge part of that. No matter who you ask, everyone is always kind and supportive. That is extremely motivating and a great feeling.


Why should someone join the crew?

At MARKT-PILOT, work never gets boring. There’s always a new challenge. We work with modern technology in an agile environment and our team is the best you can imagine. What’s not to love?


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