MARKT-PILOT has your back!    - Head of Customer Success Stefan

We asked our long-time #piloteer Stefan why he joined MARKT-PILOT and what the role as Head of Customer Success entails for him.

After several years as Head of Service at various machine manufacturers, Stefan joined MARKT-PILOT in October 2021. In his role as Head of Customer Success, he can leverage his passion for parts pricing and great service, and he played an instrumental role in building up the Customer Success Team.


How did you first hear about MARKT-PILOT?  

I learned about MARKT-PILOT when Tobias gave the start-up its’ name. At the time, he was still a working student at my employer and responsible for the price research of parts. I was head of the service department, and we were in close contact with each other. The idea convinced me right away because I saw the tremendous added value for the machine manufacturing industry, and I knew the transparency created by MARKT-PILOT is decisive for competition.


What convinced you to join MARKT-PILOT?  

In my career as a service manager, parts pricing has always been what I have done with utmost enthusiasm and what I find most interesting. MARKT-PILOT offers me the opportunity to engage with this topic in depth every day, to contribute my practical experience and to expand it through close customer contact. In addition, Tobias' enthusiasm for the idea of bringing insight to the parts aftermarket quickly spread to me.


What does your typical workday look like?   

Typically, there are rarely any “typical days” in a start-up/scale-up. It certainly doesn't get boring. This year we were able to grow the Customer Success team with new hires, and in October another new employee will start. So, the last few weeks have been filled with extensive onboarding processes and I think it's great to see our team growing. In addition, there are always new customer workshops that need to be organized, the preparation of data analyses, the conception of new product developments and, of course, the support of our customers.


What do you enjoy most about your role as Head of Customer Success?     

Unlike what I know from my previous job as an executive, I really only ever get a lot of backing at MARKT-PILOT. Unlike what I experienced in my previous job as an executive, at MARKT-PILOT, I consistently receive strong support and backing. It makes a huge difference when you know you are supported, and especially in building and developing the Customer Success Team. I am grateful to have the full support of the management. I'm also happy to share my experience and look forward to helping employees achieve their goals. Of course, not everything is always a walk in the park, and it can be stressful, but the work is fun, and I see the meaning behind it. That's what makes it special for me!


What is one of your favourite leading principles?  

I think it is incredibly important to create space for individual problem-solving approaches. Embracing new perspectives fosters innovation. Simultaneously, I maintain a meticulous approach when evaluating results, appreciate candid feedback, and dedicate time to provide it.That's the only way to learn and develop.


How would you describe the MARKT-PILOT crew in 3 words?   

Dynamic, open, goal driven     


What is one thing you are really passionate about?

Professionally, my passion really lies in spare parts pricing, especially in Customer Success. I want to inspire our customers with an intelligent approach when it comes to interpreting our research results and thus deriving target-oriented pricing decisions. And I really like to support new team members in realizing this as well.


Why should someone join the Customer Success Team and which key qualifications are important? 

Your professional and personal development is really important to us. You will have the opportunity to work with a strong team, be in close contact with customers, and build a broad network. I look forward to your ideas and promise to give you the same support that I experienced at MARKT-PILOT. We will start with a detailed and customized onboarding that will pick you up from where you are today. It is important to us that you enjoy working with data, are very meticulous and appreciate close contact with customers. We are looking forward to your application!  🚀  


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