Summer Vibes - Celebrating the first half of 2023

We celebrate the milestones we've reached, our shared success, our amazing crew and the continued growth of MARKT-PILOT - Let's keep rocking!

The first half of 2023 has flown by, and we're looking back on some incredibly strong months. We have surpassed ourselves, redefined boundaries, exceeded milestones, executed projects, and continually set new goals. Together, as a team, we're capable of achieving remarkable outcomes and it is just the beginning:
  • In this year alone, we have conducted over 21 million parts searches.
  • Our team has grown by 25%, soon reaching a total of 100 Piloteers.
  • We expanded to Italy and secured our first Italian client.
  • We rank among the top 1% of fastest-growing startups in Germany.
  • We were recognized as the "Best Chicago Startup to Work For."
  • We celebrated a legendary birthday party above the rooftops of Stuttgart.
  • The PRICE-RADAR received a major update, now even more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Over the past 7 months, we have participated in more than 17 events as keynote speakers and exhibitors.
  • Stay tuned: The next significant milestones are already in sight! 🚀
Recently, we had the opportunity to celebrate these achievements with our summer team events:

Hiking in Esslingen


Hiking in Esslingen


Hiking in Esslingen


Hiking in Esslingen


Hiking in Esslingen

Workation in Chicago
Workation in Chicago


With over 50 team members, we started at the old town hall in Esslingen and explored a portion of the breathtaking (and steep) "Höhenweg" in Esslingen. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the area and enjoy the view. Many of our remote team members, as well as future new joiners, were also part of the hike, allowing them to get to know Esslingen and the team better.  

Equipped with snacks and drinks, we pulled our "Bollerwagen" (cart) up even the steepest hill, and our specially curated "MARKT-PILOT goes Hiking" playlist kept us motivated. Despite two breaks, we made quick progress and reached our goal in record time. 💪

At the so-called "Jägerhaus", we ended the day with delicious food, good drinks and lots of chats. It was the perfect opportunity to review the past months and exchange with colleagues we rarely see otherwise. Here's to many more shared successes and memorable moments ahead!




We of course also hosted a summer event in Chicago and the team decided to do a joint workation.

The beginning was marked by a massive pizza order, and afterward, we drove to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin to settle into our house for the weekend. We engaged in basketball and table tennis tournaments, battling ambitiously for victory, and during the FIFA tournaments, the living room of the accommodation felt more like a small stadium 😄 

We took full advantage of the beautiful surroundings during shared boat and kayak rides or bike tours, and to recharge our batteries afterward, we enjoyed a collectively cooked meal. We savored dessert by a crackling campfire, and with the accompaniment of Michael’s guitar playing, we enjoyed a relaxed evening.  

Additionally, there were several learning sessions and workshops that provided ample space for inspiration, brainstorming, and new ideas, while also clearly highlighting our vision for the US market. We are already looking forward to new milestones and challenges, and of course, the next team event - maybe together with our colleagues in Germany... 


Both events have shown us once again how important it is to take shared breaks, have fun together, and never take our fantastic crew for granted. We are already excited about the upcoming months, new challenges and the surely legendary Christmas party - one you shouldn't miss either! 


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