Spare Part and Aftersales Resources by MARKT-PILOT

Resilience in Machine Manufacturing Through Parts Business

Discover how machine manufacturing companies can enhance their resilience and drive revenue through market-based parts pricing.


German Machine Manufacturing Summit 2023: Record Participants & Innovations in After Sales in the Industry

The Maschinenbau-Gipfel is the focal point for machine manufacturing in Germany and provided a platform for intensive discussions, innovative ideas,...


The Parts Summit 2023 Experience

The atmosphere at Parts Summit was nothing short of electrifying. It was more than just a networking event; it was a confluence of minds, where...


Deep Dive into Smart Manufacturing

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, industries across the globe are undergoing a profound transformation.


Future Services: A Night of Inspiration, Innovation, and Connection

For the first time ever, we hosted an event in North America, and what better backdrop than the iconic skyline of Chicago from the rooftop of our...


Tim Geyer on Pricing Podcast: Rethinking Cost-Plus: The Journey to Market-Based Pricing

Tim Geyer discusses market-based pricing on the latest episode of the Professional Pricing Society's Podcast: Rethinking Cost-Plus: The Journey to...


Innovation and AI as the Key to Sustainable After Sales Service

In a recent interview with KVD, MARKT-PILOT CEO, Alex Morbe, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the machine manufacturing industry in...


Learn How to Manage Sustainability in After Sales for Corporate Success

Explore the intersection of sustainability and machine manufacturing's after sales. Learn strategies for a greener future.


How to Leverage Web Data to Grow Your Aftermarket Business in 2024

The aftermarket parts industry plays a critical role in the success of many businesses, providing essential components and support to customers after...


Market Intelligence in Spare Parts Management: VDMA Interview with Tobias Rieker

The VDMA Baden-Württemberg conducted an interview with Founder, Tobias Rieker and synthavo on intelligent solutions in the spare parts business in...


Machine Manufacturing Orders Decrease Significantly

The importance of after-sales and the spare parts business in machine manufacturing.


Game-Changing Insights: Syncron & MARKT-PILOT LinkedIn Live Explores Market-Based Pricing

Tim Geyer, Managing Director of North America, recently joined industry experts from Syncron to break down all things market-based pricing.