Spare Part and Aftersales Resources by MARKT-PILOT

Hidden Potentials: Making the Pricing Iceberg in the Spare Parts Business Visible and Raising Hidden Sales Opportunities

Discover sales potential in the spare parts business with MARKT-PILOT and make the pricing iceberg visible. More turnover and customer satisfaction.


Alex Morbe @KVD Service Podcast: Market-Based Parts Pricing in the Machine Manufacturing Industry

Alex Morbe interviewed on the KVD Service Podcast about market-based spare parts pricing in machine manufacturing. Listen to the episode now.


Proactive After Sales: Kärcher Relies on Market-Based Parts Pricing

Discover how Kärcher Municipal GmbH revolutionizes after sales pricing with automated market research, embracing digital efficiency in manufacturing.


Revolutionizing Field Service: Key Insights from FSPS 2023

Get key insights from Field Service Palm Springs on AI, AR, data management, and more. Stay adaptable and build personal relationships for success.


Communicating Price Adjustments

The PRICERADAR identifies opportunities in your parts pricing - realizing these potentials means adjusting prices. Learn how to successfully...


AI Meets Machine Manufacturing: How to Improve Efficiency and Sustainability with Market Data

Unleash the potential of AI in machine manufacturing: boost efficiency, enhance quality, promote sustainability and drive innovation.


CONEXPO Takeaways

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is North America's largest construction trade show and took place in Las Vegas, NV last week from March 14-18th.


The Future of Service: 3 Key Facts from the Aachener Service Conference in Germany

3 key topics, 8 hours, 20 presentations: Here are the issues that are currently shaping service in Germany.


The Latest Updates to Our PRICERADAR Tool

These new features make it easier for users to work with PRICERADAR and unlock their spare parts pricing opportunities.  


Utilizing Existing Opportunities in Your Spare Parts Business

The slowdown in economic growth in 2023 may create challenges for OEMs in many industries.


10 Ways to Determine the Value of a Parts Pricing Software

When it comes to running a sustainable spare parts business, determining the value of a parts pricing software is a crucial step.


AI, Machine Manufacturing & Software in Service – Interview with MARKT-PILOT founder, Tobias Rieker

Interview with MARKT-PILOT founder, Tobias Rieker: Software, Artificial Intelligence and Service in Mechanical Engineering.