Enhanced Access Management & Elite Communication: MARKT-PILOT's New Product Features

In this blog, we outline the latest usability updates to our tool.

At MARKT-PILOT, we prioritize user-driven improvements and actively listen to feedback from our customers. The emphasis we place on continuous enhancements ensures that your experience with our PRICERADAR and PRICEGUIDE remains seamless and satisfying.  


Embrace Enhanced Security with our IAM Update 

The implementation of our IAM (Identity and Access Management) framework is more than an upgrade—it's a vital protective measure. By integrating a robust IAM system, the likelihood of experiencing considerable breaches is substantially reduced. This system equips users with the resources to manage their authentication services with efficiency and reliability.   

MARKT-PILOT implements state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard user identities and access. These measures encompass advanced encryption protocols and regular updates to proactively address emerging security risks. 

The latest IAM feature provides a state-of-the-art security experience, elevating the overall usability of our software. It is a comprehensive solution that empowers your organization with the tools and capabilities to safeguard your data and streamline operations. 

Simplify and Streamline Communication with Expanded Commentary Functions 

MARKT-PILOT is committed to seamless collaboration, understanding the importance of clear, concise communication. Our new commentary function goes beyond the basics, allowing easy exchange of thoughts and ideas within the platform. 

The single part and competitor views now have a comment section, empowering you to leave notes, ask questions, and provide targeted feedback. This enhancement strengthens project discussions, insights sharing, and strategic refinement. Internal and external communication can be accurately aligned without switching platforms, resulting in a streamlined operational process. 

Curious to explore the latest updates on our products? Check out our new Product Update page for regular enhancements to our innovative tools, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.  

If you're eager to dive deeper into our solutions, we welcome you to book a demo with our team of experts. 

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