New semi-exclusive potential in PRICERADAR and PRICEGUIDE: For more clarity and profit maximization

Unlock clarity in spare parts pricing decisions with our latest update to PRICERADAR and PRICEGUIDE.

At MARKT-PILOT, we understand the importance of comprehensive data clarity, and are pleased to announce a significant innovation in our solution based on our customer feedback: The introduction of Semi-Exclusive Potential.

MARKT-PILOT's solution enables you to identify different price potentials. This allows you to maximize the value of spare parts for your company easily. In addition to the known price increase potential, market share potential, and exclusive potential, we are now introducing the semi-exclusive potential.


The semi-exclusive potential consists of parts where competition exists but price information is not available to the end customer or only with difficulty. This means that although the parts are available, the market situation is not transparent and no prices are available. If prices are only available on request or after registration, or simply not available at all, this greatly impairs the possibility of a direct comparison. There are three main reasons why semi-exclusive spare parts offer real added value for your spare parts business:

  • Use your competitive standing to your advantage!
    As end customers often only require small quantities of spare parts, the cost of extensive research or obtaining quotes seems too high. Additional information about the semi-exclusivity of certain parts enables you to gain a competitive advantage. This is done by using the knowledge about the parts whose prices are difficult for your competitors and potential buyers to compare.
  • More certainty in pricing!
    With your new valuable knowledge of which parts are semi-exclusive, you have more certainty about your competitive situation for exclusive parts. This allows you to set your prices and margins strategically.
  • Higher margins and more profit!
    By identifying semi-exclusive parts, higher margins, and significant price increases can be targeted. Thanks to the secure knowledge of the exclusive parts, even higher margins can be set here. This differentiated approach enables you to define your pricing strategy with certainty, align it for the future, and strengthen your competitive position - for more sales and profit.

MARKT-PILOT's PRICERADAR new semi-exclusive parts updates

At MARKT-PILOT, we are pleased to offer our customers innovative solutions that help them succeed in an increasingly complex business world.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and news from MARKT-PILOT on our PRICERADAR and PRICEGUIDE!

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