Welcome back, Silas

Meet #piloteer Silas Bohr, not only a new joiner, but also a "re-joiner". As Growth Manager, he will continue to push our strong growth and we are greatly looking forward to the future together.

Silas worked in Business Development at MARKT-PILOT until April 2022 and has now rejoined us as "Growth Manager". He is just as motivated as we are and we look forward to growing together!


Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I'm Silas, 26 years old and proud dad of a 1.5 year old son. I was part of the MARKT-PILOT crew until April last year and now I'm all the more excited to be back and support the rapid growth as Growth Manager. To get in some exercise while I'm at work, I like to spend my time in meetings walking on the treadmill. I also love to play basketball and would love to travel to Sweden with my family soon.  


What does a perfect start to the day look like for you?

I enjoy starting the day as early as possible and in summer, I like drinking my first coffee outside in the sun. The morning becomes perfect if I can also manage to get in a workout - but to be honest, that's rather challenging at the moment. 


How did your career at MARKT-PILOT start?

I first discovered MARKT-PILOT when I was walking through Esslingen's historical quarter and saw the sign hanging in the window outside the office. As I am always curious, I googled right away and then applied. I started as an intern and then wrote my master's thesis on the topic of "Internationalization of a B2B Start-up". MARKT-PILOT then established a second office in Chicago at the end of 2021. At the same time, I worked as a business development representative and got very familiar with our target group and the product. It was a lot of fun and very motivating to bring a solution to the customers that solves a real problem and offers tremendous added value.


What were the reasons you returned to MARKT-PILOT?

The team and culture at MARKT-PILOT are truly unparalleled. Just as I love team sports, I really appreciate the team spirit here. At the same time, we're a very ambitious crew and it's super inspiring to know that we all share the same goal and have the opportunity to change an entire industry with our solution.


What is your favorite thing about working in a tech scale-up?

Definitely the opportunity to learn and drive innovation together. I also appreciate the proximity to current developments and trends, the opportunity to break new ground, and the entrepreneurial spirit that is put into full practice here.


Why should you become part of MARKT-PILOT?

Honestly, there's nowhere better to grow than in a start-up that's striving for rapid growth itself. You work super closely with colleagues as well as executives, and the dynamic this creates is truly unique. My motto: follow the vision, not the money; the money will follow you at the end. 😉


How were the first 3 weeks back at MARKT-PILOT?

I had a great onboarding and felt welcome right away. It's incredible how much the crew has grown over the last few months and there are some familiar faces, but also many new ones. I'm already looking forward to continuing to work together and had several virtual "coffee chats" in the last 3 weeks. I highly recommend this to everyone. If you are new to a company, set up short coffee chats with your colleagues to get to know everyone better. I also spend one day a week at the office in Esslingen, and really enjoy the personal interaction that often takes place there.


What are you most looking forward to in your role as Growth Manager?

I'm especially thrilled about working with the various teams, identifying potential for improvement, seizing opportunities for growth and continuing to scale MARKT-PILOT together with the entire crew. The next few months will definitely be exciting - I am ready for it! Are you?


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