PARTS FORUM 2024 - Connecting Industry Leaders & Innovators in the Machine Manufacturing Space
June 13th, 2024 | Chicago, IL
Connecting Industry Leaders & Innovators in the Machine Manufacturing Space
 Join over 35 top-tier Original Equipment Manufacturers in the heart of Chicago for in-depth conversations on parts, pricing, and service excellence. This event is your prime opportunity to network with fellow industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and spark partnerships that drive innovation and continued success for your company.


01:30 - 02:00 PM

Get together | Coffee

02:15 - 02:45 PM

Start | Welcome

02:15 - 02:45 PM

MP Keynote

Speaker: Tim Geyer

02:45 - 03:30 PM

Panel: Journey to a Proactive Parts Business

Panelists: Phillip Evans (Hussmann), Jennifer Dumont (STAS), Donnie Baldwin (BAUER)

Panel moderator: Tim Geyer (MP)

Are you wondering how other companies are proactively shaping their spare parts business? Why is it important for a parts business to be proactive rather than reactive? In this panel we will explore how you can do just that and what it takes for the parts business to contribute to the success of your organization. We will be looking what role data plays, how to involve internal stakeholders, the impact of market-based pricing as well as how to prepare for future trends.

03:30 - 04:00 PM

Coffee Break

04:00 - 04:30 PM

Parts Pricing 2.0: Strategies to stand out in the market

Speaker: Nikolas Spatz

Keynote abstract: In today's volatile market landscape, traditional parts pricing strategies are no longer sufficient to maintain a competitive edge. This short impulse presentation will delve into state-of-the-art approaches designed to navigate and thrive amid unpredictability. Drawing on extensive project experience across various industries, we will highlight the integration of advanced data analytics, innovative pricing models, and customer-centric approaches to develop cost-effective and adaptable pricing strategies.

04:30 - 05:00 PM

MP Roadmap Update

Speaker: Clemens Kormorek

05:00 - 06:00 PM

Panel: Leveraging Installed Base Insights for Maximum Market Penetration

Panelists: Austin Laber (CMD), Nancy Schibler (Trane Technologies)

Panel moderator: Rick Clare, Clare and Company

Installed base management is not a term that dominates business news headlines. But insights into installed bases can help companies to enhance customer loyalty and increase wallet share. Drawing from the panelists' experience, this session will explore how installed base insights can give insights into customer needs, which data needs to be collected to derive meaningful and how to involve key stakeholders. We will examine how integrating installed base insights with market-based pricing can maximize success and which future trends to look out for.

06:00 PM


Networking | Afterparty



Explore why leaders in manufacturing should not miss out on this event and take the opportunity to learn about the latest strategies and trends. Stay up to date and get valuable insights and tips from industry experts!

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The centerpiece of the PARTS FORUM 2024 is undoubtedly the inspiring presentations by renowned experts and industry leaders. The event provides a platform for groundbreaking ideas, innovations, and discussions that will shape the future of spare part pricing. From technological breakthroughs to strategic insights, the presentations promise a comprehensive and fascinating exploration of current trends and challenges. 

The topics range from digital transformations to sustainable materials and disruptive technologies. Participants can expect profound insights and practical solutions that not only reflect the status quo but also provide a glimpse into future developments. 

Connect with like-minded individuals, experts, and potential business partners at PARTS FORUM


MARKT-PILOT - The Driving Force behind the PARTS FORUM 2024 

As a leading provider of pricing software for manufacturing, MARKT-PILOT takes on the role of the main organizer of the PARTS FORUM 2024. With its profound expertise, MARKT-PILOT not only brings together the most relevant stakeholders but also ensures an event that enables knowledge transfer, networking, and innovation at the highest level. 



A central component of the PARTS FORUM is the opportunity for networking. Here, participants have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, experts, and potential business partners. Whether it's through informal gatherings, round table discussions, or dedicated networking events, the PARTS FORUM promotes the exchange of ideas and the creation of new partnerships. 

Our Speakers & Panelists

Phillip Evans - Hussmann - Speaker PARTS FORUM

Phillip Evans

VP, Aftermarket Solutions, Hussmann Corporation

Phillip Evans is a dedicated business leader with a strong focus on driving customer-centric solutions within the food retail industry. With over 12 years of experience at Hussmann, he currently holds the position of VP of Aftermarket Solutions. Hussmann, recognized for its top-notch display cases and refrigeration systems, goes beyond being a world-class manufacturer. They are committed to creating innovative solutions and value-added benefits that enhance financial outcomes for clients. Their overarching mission is to positively impact consumers' lives by reshaping the future of food retailing.

Austin Laber - CMD - Speaker PARTS FORUM

Austin Laber

Spare Parts Lead and Supervisor, CMD

Austin Laber serves as the Customer Service and Parts Sales Coordinator at CMD Alternative Energy Solutions, bringing nearly 6 years of experience with the company. CMD, a capital equipment manufacturer operating in the film converting and alternative energy sectors, is renowned for its integrity-driven culture and commitment to innovation. Specializing in providing lifelong service and support, CMD offers a wide range of solutions in the compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable natural gas (RNG), and other alternative refueling markets.

Donnie Baldwin - BAUER - Speaker PARTS FORUM (1)

Donnie Baldwin

Parts Sales Manager, BAUER Equipment America

Donnie Baldwin is the Parts Sales Manager at BAUER Equipment America, with over 11 years of experience. He excels in coordinating technical implementations and possesses exceptional interpersonal skills. BAUER AG is a leader in industrial engineering, construction, and equipment manufacturing, specializing in specialist foundation engineering equipment. As part of the BAUER Maschinen Group, they design and manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist foundation engineering equipment, making them a leader in the field worldwide.

Nancy Schibler - Trane Technologies - Speaker PARTS FORUM

Nancy Schibler

Supply Pricing Leader, Trane Technologies

Nancy Schibler is a seasoned professional with nearly 25 years of experience in the field of Strategic Pricing, specializing in Value Based Pricing. As a dedicated and results-driven individual, Nancy currently leads a team of 4 experts, where she is responsible for establishing effective pricing strategies and overseeing the operational and implementation aspects of to drive profitability.  With a keen eye for detail and a strong analytical mindset, Nancy also excels in tactical pricing, ensuring that optimal pricing opportunities are realized.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nancy has a deep passion for environmental conservation. In her spare time, she can often be found engaging in beach activities, particularly as a volunteer on turtle patrol. She actively participates in the protection and preservation of loggerhead turtles, determined to provide these beautiful creatures with the best possible opportunities for survival and growth.

Jennifer Dumont - STAS - Speaker PARTS FORUM

Jennifer Dumont

Partnership Manager, STAS

Jennifer Dumont is Partnership Manager at STAS, a worldwide supplier of high-tech solutions for the aluminium industry based in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada.

Having worked for 20 years as project manager and as production manager in the greater Montréal region, and with a degree in Industrial Management from Montréal’s École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Jennifer joined STAS in 2012 where she successively held positions as Spare Parts Representative, After-Sales Service Representative, Channel Manager and Customer Success Service Manager before being appointed Partnership Manager in 2024.

Since joining STAS, Jennifer has made a name for herself as a proactive international sales and service expert, efficiently managing after-sales and customer support activities, pursuing partnership opportunities, and participating in commercial missions all over the world.

Her leadership, determination and dedication to her work are among the many qualities that make her a successful, global business manager.

Nikolas Spatz - Horváth - Speaker PARTS FORUM
Keynote Speaker

Nikolas Spatz

Senior Project Manager, Horvath US

Nikolas Spatz is responsible for the Pricing & Profitability solutions at Horvath US and leads the respective initiatives in close collaboration with the German Headquarters. He brings more than 6 years of professional, multilateral experience from industry and consultancy and advises clients how to increase profitability through innovative and sustainable pricing strategies. At the core of Nikolas’ consulting approach the End-to-End (E2E) philosophy is key, supporting clients from initial assessments and analytics over pricing strategy to state of the art automation and software solutions as well as implementation.

Rick Clare - CMD - blue bg
Panel Moderator

Rick Clare

Manufacturing Field Service Consultant, Clare and Company

Rick Clare is a field service leader with a proven record of success, enthusiastic about customer satisfaction and organizational growth. His deep understanding of people and organizational effectiveness stems from extensive international travel with residency in South Korea,  As VP of Spare Parts (2022-2024), he focused on implementing a global spare parts business excellence strategy in the US while overseeing the US Spare Parts Operations.  He previously led organizations in Boston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Midland. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two kids.

Tim Geyer-1
Keynote Speaker

Tim Geyer

Managing Director - North America, MARKT-PILOT

Tim Geyer leads MARKT-PILOT in North America and brings best practices from 100+ European manufacturers to share with OEMs across the US and Canada. Before joining MARKT-PILOT, Tim led the charge into new markets helping international startups scale. Early in his career, Tim was an innovator in the manufacturing industry, driving revenue in sales and service roles.

Clemens Komorek - MARKT-PILOT - Speaker PARTS FORUM
Keynote Speaker

Clemens Komorek

Head of Growth, MARKT-PILOT


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