Reach for the stars - Senior Account Executive Michael

Meet piloteer Michael Falk who knows that by working as a team we can face every challenge. You simply must never stop reaching for the stars.

After 10 years of working with Siemens, as National Sales Manager leading the US machine tool systems sales team, Michael joined the MARKT-PILOT crew in October 2022, and we couldn't imagine the team without him.


Who are you? 

Hello, I'm Michael, and my upbringing wasn't in an academic family. My mother is a nurse, and although my dad started with electrical engineering, he chose to focus on his car sales/garage business to provide for the family and support my mother's nursing venture. This early experience taught me the importance of hard work and family values. Growing up in my dad's workshop, I learned how to fix almost anything, making me a bit of a nerd/geek with decent social skills. 😉

My child-like curiosity has remained intact, driving me to explore everything—from technology and nature to people and the future. Hope has always been a guiding force in my life. Following my high school graduation, I pursued my dream of reaching for the stars and seized the opportunity to move to Tokyo during my engineering school days.

Afterward, I joined the Siemens Graduate Program (SGP) and ventured to Australia, where I met my wife—an SGP alum as well. Together, we embraced the chance to experience diverse cultures, which led us to the United States in 2016. We are both passionate about learning the intricacies of different cultures, thriving in diverse teams, and building meaningful connections.


How do you start your day in Chicago? 

On a perfect day, I get up at 6:15 AM and work out in my basement gym or go for a run. Then, we wake up the kids and try to have breakfast altogether. We then walk with the kids to daycare and afterwards I either work from home or take the 7:45 train to the office.


How did you first hear about MARKT-PILOT?

I was contacted on LinkedIn by their recruiter in Germany during the time MARKT-PILOT started expanding to the US. The team really caught me at a time where I was looking into the sky once again, longing for more. And I knew I couldn't miss out on that unique opportunity. It just felt natural to join the crew. 

What convinced you to join MARKT-PILOT? 

The incredible talented people, especially the passion they have for building something big together. I longed to surround myself with like-minded, curious colleagues. Entrepreneurs, who will just not stop until they reach the top of the mountain. I wanted to learn from them how to build a business and execute on a vision. At MARKT-PILOT I can find all this every day, feel inspired and enjoy coming to work.


Where did you work before MARKT-PILOT?

At Siemens across three different countries, in my last role as their National Sales Manager for Machine Tools for the US managing a team of great salespeople. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Getting in front of customers and prospects every day, offering something they have never experienced before (PRICE-RADAR), discussing the incredible value our software can provide to their business and building real relationships on the way while solving problems for them.

What are your biggest learnings so far?

Working in a start up is as hard and as challenging as working in a corporation. The challenges are just completely different. But in general, you overcome them in the same way: keeping a cool head and working passionately as a team to make the next step, even if it is just a baby step sometimes. 


How would you describe the team culture at MARKT-PILOT?

Everybody is driven by success, and everyone loves succeeding together. We also pick each other up if things don’t go as planned. Everybody is extremely warm and welcoming. Whenever you look at your colleagues, you’ll get a smile and smile in return. We’ve built a genuine team and that just feels great and gives me a big sense of belonging.  


What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the crew?

If you want to work with the best people on something big, this is it. We are reaching for nothing less, but the stars and we don’t mind failing fast, early and together because we know that if we put our mind to something together, we’ll succeed. Also, what you learn here in two years might take you five years or longer somewhere else.  🚀  


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