Alex Morbe @KVD Service Podcast: Market-Based Parts Pricing in the Machine Manufacturing Industry

Alex Morbe interviewed on the KVD Service Podcast about market-based spare parts pricing in machine manufacturing. Listen to the episode now.

In the podcast interview, Michael Braun and Alex Morbe talk about market-based pricing of spare parts in machine manufacturing. They discuss the challenges machine manufacturers face when setting and optimizing spare parts prices, as well as the need for digital solutions.

The discussion will focus on the competitive situation in the industry: Orders and sales are declining more and more and the focus is shifting more and more to after-sales and the spare parts business. For this reason, it is now even more important than before to position this area in a resilient manner and to exploit existing potential. Because there is more than enough here. 

MARKT-PILOT supports companies in understanding market dynamics and aligning the prices of their spare parts accordingly. The basis for this is market intelligence on prices and lead times of the respective spare parts on the market. This insight allows prices to be redefined and made competitive - thus MARKT-PILOT enables machine manufacturers to strengthen customer relationships and maximize their profitability in the spare parts business.

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Market intelligence in after-sales: The interview explains the relevance and role of market data and artificial intelligence. Alex Morbe emphasizes the importance of using digital tools and strategies to adapt to the changing landscape and remain competitive. It is essential for companies in the machinery and equipment industry to adopt new approaches and technologies in order to be successful in the long term.

Many thanks to KVD and Michael Braun for the exciting interview.

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