Tim Geyer on Pricing Podcast: Rethinking Cost-Plus: The Journey to Market-Based Pricing

Tim Geyer discusses market-based pricing on the latest episode of the Professional Pricing Society's Podcast: Rethinking Cost-Plus: The Journey to Market-Based Pricing.

In the Professional Pricing Society's most recent podcast episode, Managing Director of North America, Tim Geyer joins Terence Eggleston to discuss all things market-based pricing.

Get ahead of competitors with market intelligence and AI

Discover in this episode why cost-plus pricing is no longer effective in today's highly competitive market landscape, and why market-based pricing is the optimal choice.

Throughout the interview, Tim Geyer exclaims how a market-based pricing strategy not only enables OEMs to enhance their parts business, but also accelerates revenue growth and cultivates stronger customer loyalty. 

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Listen directly on the Professional Pricing Society site

A huge thank you goes out to the Professional Pricing Society and Terrence Eggleston for the great interview.

Check out Professional Pricing Society at https://www.pricingsociety.com/.


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