Future Services: A Night of Inspiration, Innovation, and Connection

For the first time ever, we hosted an event in North America, and what better backdrop than the iconic skyline of Chicago from the rooftop of our office.

Our first event on the rooftop of our new office in Chicago was a big success and huge milestone for us. It was an evening that left everyone buzzing with inspiration, filled with insightful discussions, and offered a unique perspective on the importance of the after-sales sector for businesses.


The Rooftop Experience

The evening was nothing short of spectacular. Our rooftop venue provided the perfect setting for networking, fostering connections, and inspiring conversations all about service and parts business in the machine manufacturing industry. 

Insightful Discussions

One of the highlights of the evening was a fireside chat that explored the vital role of the after sales sector in modern business strategies. Our guest speakers, Troy Hoehne from CMD Corp. and Krisztian Farkas from AGCO, seasoned industry experts, shared invaluable insights on how focusing on after sales services can significantly benefit your business. The discussion covered a wide range of topics, from enhancing customer loyalty to unlocking new revenue streams through post-purchase services.

As the evening came to a close, it was evident that our first event in North America had been a great success. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the after sales sector's significance and how it can positively impact their businesses. The event also encouraged new connections and collaborations among like-minded professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Hosting our first event on the rooftops of our Chicago office was a memorable and insightful experience. We're excited to continue our journey in North America and to keep exploring the endless possibilities that the after sales sector has to offer.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and discussions as we continue to grow and thrive in this dynamic market. Thank you to everyone who joined us and made this evening unforgettable.

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