PARTS FORUM 2024: Let's Look Back at our First Community Event

Last year, we hosted our very first North America Community Event in Chicago, read about the event and learn more about our upcoming event.

Back in September of 2023, we hosted our first event on the rooftop of our new office in Chicago, marking a significant achievement for us. The evening was a resounding success, leaving all attendees inspired and engaged in insightful conversations. It shed light on the pivotal role of the after-sales sector in business operations.

Our rooftop venue provided an ideal backdrop for networking, forging connections, and sparking meaningful dialogues on service and parts businesses in the machinery manufacturing industry. 

A standout moment of the event was a fireside chat delving into the significance of the after-sales sector in contemporary business strategies. Esteemed industry leaders from CMD Corp and AGCO, shared invaluable insights on the benefits of emphasizing after-sales services for business growth. The discussion encompassed various topics, from enhancing customer loyalty to tapping into new revenue streams through after-sales services. 

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As the event ended, it was clear that our first event in North America had made a strong impact. Attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the after-sales sector and its potential to elevate their businesses.

Looking forward... PARTS FORUM 2024 

This year, our event is set to be even larger, bringing together after-sales leaders from different machine manufacturing verticals. This half-day event will not only foster new connections and opportunities for collaboration but will stand as an opportunity for expanded knowledge on the topic of after-sales in machine manufacturing.  

For forward-thinkers and trailblazers in machine manufacturing, this event offers a distinct platform to participate in thought-provoking discussions surrounding parts, innovative pricing strategies, and the pursuit of service excellence.

Seize the opportunity to forge meaningful connections, acquire invaluable insights, and foster collaborations that will not only elevate your competitive advantage but also fuel progress and success within your enterprise.

Join in on insightful discussions with over 35 esteemed Original Equipment Manufacturers, where the focus will be on parts, pricing, and service excellence. It's a unique chance to connect with industry peers, gain valuable insights, and cultivate partnerships that drive innovation. Embrace the chance to become an integral part of the industry's transformative dialogues.

For more information on the event and to save your spot, visit

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