The Power of In-Person Collaboration for a Global Marketing Team

We recently provided our US Content Marketing Manager, Claire Brixie, with the opportunity to visit our headquarters in Esslingen, Germany for 6 weeks.

We recently provided our Content Marketing Manager, Claire Brixie, based in Chicago, with the opportunity to enhance collaboration by sending her to our headquarters in Esslingen, Germany for 6 weeks. This allowed her to more closely integrate with our marketing team in Esslingen.  

In this article, she will share her perspective, experience, and how the global marketing team was strengthened.  


A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a month and a half with my colleagues in Germany, where our headquarters is located. Little did I know that this trip would not only provide me with a unique cultural experience but would also significantly impact the unity and productivity of our global marketing efforts.  

Meeting face-to-face with colleagues whom I had only communicated with virtually was an extremely exciting aspect of the trip. As soon as I arrived the team welcomed me fully, and it felt as though we had been working in-person together forever. 

One of the immediate benefits of being physically present in Germany was the elimination of the time zone barrier. On a typical day, as my team in Esslingen is 7 hours ahead of me in Chicago, I have around 3-4 hours to meet with and work with them per day. Sharing the same time zone for a few weeks allowed us to synchronize our schedules effortlessly. This newfound alignment enabled us to engage in real-time collaboration, eliminating delays and streamlining decision-making processes. 

Beyond the office, my time in Germany offered a firsthand look into the local culture. From team dinners enjoying traditional Swabian cuisine to exploring historic landmarks together, these shared experiences allowed us to appreciate each other's backgrounds and perspectives. Understanding the cultural context in which my German colleagues operate helps to foster our respectful environment and strong communication. 

The benefits of our in-person collaboration were not limited to improved communication and cultural understanding. The synergy created by having the entire team in one location fueled creativity and innovation. Brainstorming sessions flowed seamlessly, and the exchange of ideas was dynamic and energizing. The tangible outcomes of our collaboration were reflected in the innovative content pieces and campaigns that we developed during this period. 


My time in Germany was a testament to the thriving collaboration between the global marketing team at MARKT-PILOT. I truly believe that our previous interactions and strong connectivity really set the stage for a harmonious blend of skills and expertise. The in-person collaboration not only strengthened our daily operations but also took us to new heights of creativity and innovation. As we continue to navigate the global landscape, this experience stands as an incredible example of the positivity that arises when global teams come together to achieve their goals. 



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