PRICERADAR SaaS solution for market-based spare parts pricing & lead time intelligence

Manufacturers leave money on the table for 73% of their purchased parts

The biggest challenge in spare parts pricing? Nailing the perfect selling price.

The solution? A market-based spare parts pricing strategy. Shockingly, only 4.1 % of all spare parts are priced in line with the market - use your potential and maximize sales, profit and customer satisfaction.

Donut with Semi-Exclusive

Strengthening the spare business with intelligent data

It is extremely challenging to find the right spare parts pricing that is accepted by customers with maximum margin.

Within your existing spare parts business, you have the opportunity to increase prices for 73% of all spare parts. Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

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Capitalize on market exclusivity for parts with limited competition.

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Increase prices with confidence for underpriced parts.

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Increase win rate, improve price image, strengthen cross-selling.

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Negotiate thoughtfully and find new suppliers.

  • Faster Lead Time

  • Slower Lead Time

  • Lead Time in Line with the Market

55% Faster delivery time

Spare parts for which you have a faster delivery time. Customers will prefer to buy this part from you if it is a delivery time critical part.

25% Slower delivery time 

Spare parts for which you have a slower delivery time. Customers will prefer to buy this part from your competitor if it is a delivery time critical part.

25% Delivery time in line with the market

Spare parts for which you have the same delivery time as your competitors. Customers will compare price and other criteria to decide where to buy this spare part.


Why You Should Rely on Market-Based Pricing

Unlock Market Transparency With Market Based Pricing

Market Intelligence

More than 4,000 suppliers searched and an average of 3.1 price points per spare part.

Increase Sales With Market Based Pricing

More Sales

17% increase in spare parts sales on average.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Market-Based Pricing

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Both customer loyalty and satisfaction are sustainably increased.


Showcasing your full potential

Are you eager to learn how MARKT-PILOT will impact your parts business?

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Use your potentials for revenue and make sure you do not miss out on parts revenue

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