Our First Webinar Was a Complete Success

On December 8, we organized our first web seminar, Spare Parts Pricing in a Volatile Market! Download the recording and learn how market-based parts pricing can help your organization reach new revenue targets!

How can data-based spare parts pricing be implemented? What advantages does it bring and what opportunities does it offer? These are just a few of the questions answered in the first webinar organized by MARKT-PILOT on December 8, 2022.

In a time characterized by disruption, crises, and permanent change, machine manufacturers must position themselves as resilient and future-proof - this can be achieved by delivering a strong aftersales service and continual parts availability.

In our seminar, Tobias Rieker and Fabio Wahl speak about how mechanical engineering companies remain competitive, increase sales and boost customer loyalty with the support of market-based spare parts pricing. The prerequisite to success: market transparency!

Pascal Wolf, of Optima packaging group, also joins our discussion to offer valuable insights into how his organization successfully integrates PRICE-RADAR's data into their parts pricing decisions. Resulting in an educated, market-driven pricing strategy to increase parts revenue and sales.

We talk openly about the current challenges facing machine manufacturers, and the opportunities market transparency provides for the spare parts industry. Listen in as we share insights and show how you can easily increase revenues from the margins you are leaving on the table.

We are thankful to Pascal Wolf and Optima for their collaboration, and to all those who participated in the discussion to make the webinar so impactful!


➜ Watch the Recording

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