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The remberg XRM is a cloud-based, mobile and user-friendly software developed specifically for service teams. It integrates powerful generative AI to optimize workflows and increase efficiency. An integrated AI co-pilot helps to answer service requests faster, formulate or translate emails effectively, better understand complex cases and complete reports or logs in seconds. With the remberg XRM, companies can respond more quickly to customer needs, personalize their communication and offer a higher quality of service.


remberg and MARKT-PILOT

remberg and MARKT-PILOT both combine extensive expertise in the fields of machine manufacturing and software development. In this way, both companies contribute to the digitalization and further development of the service business in mechanical engineering.

Alena Heinle

Alena Heinle

E-Mail: Alena.Heinle@markt-pilot.com
Telefon: +49 163 534 8040