The Latest Updates to Our PRICERADAR Tool

These new features make it easier for users to work with PRICERADAR and unlock their spare parts pricing opportunities.

These new software features make it easier and more intuitive for users to work with the PRICERADAR pricing tool and unlock their spare parts pricing opportunities.  


Improved Dashboard  

The new dashboard is designed to enhance your productivity and decision-making. With faster navigation and easy access to essential functions, like direct links to article uploads, a simplified support system and shortcuts to frequently used features, you can quickly make well-informed decisions and achieve success for your spare parts business. 

In the latest PRICERADAR, directly after you sign in, the biggest market changes will be immediately displayed on your dashboard, providing you with a quick overview of what’s happening in the market. To make your dashboard even more intuitive, we have also upgraded the donut feature to be fully dynamic. Now, you have an instant visual display of changes in your parts’ potentials, including market price calculations, allowing you to react quickly and adjust accordingly.  

230301_Screen Dashboard EN (1)


Customizable to See More Parts Data 

See more data and more targeted insights with our new filtering capabilities. Before, users had a small and fixed selection of options. Now, access new customization and filtering options for each column and sort content in a way that best suits your needs.  

Item details (prices and graph) can now be filtered by sonar data. Without having to switch to the 'Market Changes' menu, individual sonar data can now be selected, filtered and displayed directly in the detailed view. This makes it extremely convenient for analyzing a single part. 

We strive to make PRICERADAR as dynamic as possible, which is why we have implemented an item detail view that shows prices, a graph, a full summary and all other information, which can be fully edited to meet your requirements.  In a single location, all details regarding a part are displayed, eliminating the need to navigate to other menus for accessing the graph. On top, if information about your spare parts changes, the user can update this itself from now on. This, in turn, allows the user to be more independent and flexible, as they can make corrections themselves.   

230228_MARKT-PILOT Mockup new Screens minimal


More Evaluation Options for Parts Pricing

Analyzing and evaluating parts has never been easier. With the latest PRICERADAR, more mass operation capabilities are available. All parts will have a tag, which is a customer-specific marking that makes it possible to search, bundle and create your own groupings of parts. This is very beneficial for analysis purposes or later price rules. Additionally, you now have the option to select multiple parts at once for performing mass operations. 

Along with new filtering options, with the new features, you can export data column-wise or row-wise display of results, allowing for individual exports based on your requirements and evaluation needs.  

230301_Screen Quick start + market changes


Integrated Chat  

The new chat feature provides a dynamic platform for real-time communication, fostering creativity, collaboration, and connection with our Product and Customer Success Team. By enabling users to connect instantly, ask questions, and provide feedback, the chat feature enhances productivity and improves experience. If a user experiences any problems with the pricing tool, our team will work quickly to resolve it or direct it to the right place. This  offers personalized customer interactions, allowing users to connect with our customer success team with ease. 

230301_Screen Support chat + table view


With the latest updates, it is easier than ever to get started with the PRICERADAR tool and explore the benefits of market intelligence to your spare parts business.  

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