MARKT-PILOT's Solution
for Part Pricing
& Lead Time

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Identify Opportunities

Use detailed filters to see for which parts you are currently charging too little or too much for, and for which parts you are the exclusive supplier. Find the perfect sales price for your all your parts to maximize revenue, profit and customer loyalty.

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Monitor Price Changes​

Track how your competitors change their prices over time. Stay on top of the market and update your prices in real-time to avoid reducing margins amid cost surges and high inflation.

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Add New Parts On-Demand

Need an up-to-date sales price for an urgent quote or want to start selling a new part? Add new parts whenever you need them to get real-time market updates and quote the part on the same day at the perfect price.

Our value proposition

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Easy to use & implement

Get started in less than 30 minutes - no setup, integration or user training required.  

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100% accurate data

Every data point is validated by a multi-stage quality assurance process including AI & data analyst feedback.

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Global coverage

Different regions have different market prices & lead times - we screen your competitors by region across the globe.

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Exclusive industry focus

Founded by machine manufacturers, our sole purpose is to grow the parts business of companies in this industry.

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Save time and effort

We do the analysis so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your parts business.

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Whether you have 50 or 50,000 SKUs in your portfolio, we meet you where you are today.

PRICE-RADAR in 2 Minutes

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How To Get Started

Set your goals

What are your revenue and profit goals for parts, and by when do you want to achieve these?


Select your parts

Export a parts list from your ERP system to get started. Add new parts whenever you need them.


Scale your business

Boost parts revenue with market data for prices
and lead times. Get notified as prices change over time.


Calculate Your ROI

Questions you might have

You can use this tool to get market data for any kind of purchased parts. These are parts that you are buying from 3rd party suppliers to sell to your customers. Examples include electronic components, filters, drives, control valves, cylinders, bearings, etc.

For these parts, market intelligence is most relevant because it is easy for your customers to compare prices and lead times to shop around.

No - PRICE-RADAR Radar is specifically developed for purchased and commercial parts.

Our tool mirrors the purchasing process of your customers - collecting information from a variety of different sources. These include all relevant parts manufacturers, distributors, dealers, online platforms, and marketplaces.

Price Radar uses multiple technologies, including: 

Proprietary search algorithms: We have developed intelligent algorithms with access to 1,000s of online data sources, including all major online shops, platforms, marketplaces, and other online vendors. Data is validated using AI and human experts to ensure exact comparisons only.

Automated handmade RFQs: Since not all relevant parts suppliers publish pricing information online, we also send out automated handmade RFQs to provide comprehensive market intelligence.

Market prices, lead times and availabilities are updated on a quarterly basis for your entire parts portfolio. You can always add new parts to the system or get on-demand, real-time updates for individual parts.

Data exports from PRICE-RADAR are easy to integrate into any common ERP system or pricing tool. Our customers appreciate that there is no IT implementation of any sort required.

We meet you where you are with your parts business. Our entry-level customers make ~$300k annual revenue with purchased parts; while our enterprise customers make hundreds of millions with parts per year. 

In addition to making more money with parts, many of our OEM customers use the tool in purchasing to compare sourcing options, find new suppliers and renegotiate terms with their current suppliers.

Get Started with MARKT-PILOT

100+ customers - 20% average increase in parts revenue.