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Horváth is a global, independent management consultancy with more than 1,300 employees with offices across Europe, the USA, and other global markets. As a top consultancy for transformation, performance management and pricing, Horváth leads companies to sustainable success and long-term value creation. Horváth shapes pricing strategies and innovative revenue models, runs pricing analytics and helps clients to implement both concepts and analytics with a view to long-term and sustainable corporate success.

Horváth und MARKT-PILOT 

Horváth and MARKT-PILOT share extensive expertise in mechanical engineering and spare parts pricing, which complement each other excellently and, in combination, create significant added value for our customers.

Alena Heinle

Alena Heinle

E-Mail: Alena.Heinle@markt-pilot.com
Telefon: +49 163 534 8040