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Since 2016, oculavis has been creating sustainable added value for more than 200 customers. From smart services for customer and product support to intelligent tools for maintenance teams – oculavis SHARE is an end-to-end platform that connects technicians, experts, and users of machinery & equipment around the world.

Their software platform is at the forefront of crafting efficient, innovative solutions for service, maintenance, and quality processes. The technology empowers customers to forego thousands of business trips for technicians worldwide, thereby saving travel costs and increasing machine availability. By making expert technical knowledge accessible remotely, oculavis unlocks vast possibilities for manufacturers of sophisticated products. This approach not only streamlines operations on the shop floor but also paves the way for digital business models and new revenue opportunities.

oculavis and MARKT-PILOT

oculavis and MARKT-PILOT both combine extensive expertise in the fields of machine manufacturing, service business and software development. In this way, both companies contribute to the digitalization and further development of the service business in mechanical engineering.

Alena Heinle

Alena Heinle

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