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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply at MARKT-PILOT?

Everyone! Our crew is made up of #piloteers from all backgrounds and seniorities. Whether you have a background in business administration, engineering or literature - we are looking for students, graduates and (young) professionals like you who want to get started with us.

Does MARKT-PILOT offers internships or working student positons?

Definitely! If you would like to gain your first professional experience during your studies, we offer several opportunities. In addition to mandatory internships, we also offer voluntary internships and working student positions in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Customer Success, Product and Software Development. Take a look at our career page to learn more about our current openings.

If there is no suitable opening on the career page, can I apply anyway?

Of course! You haven't found a suitable job posting on our career page? Send us your application and we will get back to you. If there is no opportunity to work with us at the moment, we will be happy to add you to our talent pool and contact you as soon as there is a respective vacancy.

Which documents do I need to hand in?

As much information as available, as little paperwork as possible! We want to find out more about you, your personality, your skills and talents, and what you are passionate about. With an up-to-date resume and the answer to the questions, why you want to become a MARKT-PILOT, you are already well prepared. Of course, you can send us additional documents at any time.

What does the recruiting process look like and when will I here back from you?

You can find a detailed description of our recruiting process HERE. Basically, we try to stay in touch with you in a timely manner and on a regular basis. Should it take a little longer, we ask for your understanding, as we review and process every application with the attention it deserves.

What does the job interview look like and how do I prepare for it?

Our initial get-to-know usually runs ~ 15 minutes and take place virtually - this is about getting to know each other and checking the basics. In case of positive feedback from both sides, we will arrange a follow-up appointment ( ~ 45 - 60 minutes) to answer your questions about the role and MARKT-PILOT. Depending on the role (e.g. Software Development or Strategy & Growth), a case study may also be part of the selection process.

Which working models does MARKT-PILOT offer?

One for everyone! At MARKT-PILOT, we believe that great work can happen anywhere. Check out our Pilots@Work concept to learn in detail what's behind the MARKT-PILOT culture

Do you have any further questions?

Get in touch with Vienna or Angela.

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Vienna Rozelle

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